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Development Roadmap

We're already working on the next phase of NOWCA Wild to add more dynamic features to improve your wild swimming experience. Here's just a few exciting developments in the pipeline...

Integrated information feeds

Live feeds for relevant information such as sewerage flows and weather conditions.

Private groups & invitations

Set up a group that only you and your friends can see.

Dynamic knowledge centre

Live feed with bespoke articles, guides and blogs.

Group verification & commission

Become verified, earn a commission.

Online bookings

Ability to manage bookings for coaches and swim groups.

Improved functionality

Add notes for your swims.

NOWCA initiatives

Integrate with NOWCA programs such as Sub10 Club.

Help shape the future of NOWCA Wild

This is a collaboration. NOWCA Wild is as much yours as it is ours. Be part of it's journey and tell us what you'd like to see on the app. Leave your feedback and suggestions on the app by joining our swim group: NOWCA Wild Feedback

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